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360 Services

Unleashing a brand’s potential in a digital sphere calls for a 360-degree approach. Agyle Brands offers an all-encompassing suite of services tailored to propel your brand into a trajectory of sustained growth and notable market presence.

On the right are our highlighted services. For a full list, schedule a discovery call

Brand Development, Growth Strategy & Product Development Consulting

Tailoring strategies to elevate your brand in a digital-first marketplace. We nurture a unique identity that resonates with your audience, moving beyond visibility to create a lasting brand legacy.

  • Co-Define brand vision and objectives

  • Co-Develop and implement growth strategies

  • Facilitate brand exposure on sales platforms

  • Brand architecture & assortment strategy

  • Product Development & Sourcing

  • Business Intelligence, and Analytics


Marketing & Sales Operations Services

Execute compelling narratives that drive sales and build a loyal customer base. It's not just about transactions, but forging a deep connection with your audience, ensuring they return for more.

  • Co-Define marketing objectives

  • Develop and implement marketing and sales strategies and tactics

  • Execute customer acquisition, retention & loyalty and engagement activities

  • Curate sales platform's marketing and promotion tools for activation

  • Gain insights from customer data and purchase analytics

  • Manage eCommerce merchandising, store design and listing optimization


Conversion Optimization Audit & Execution

Leading customers to your e-store and ensuring they return. Through strategic engagement, we transform fleeting interactions into enduring relationships, turning potential into sustainable profits.

  • Forecast sales targets for client approval

  • Provide analytics and sales insights

  • Design and execute sales conversion strategies

  • Manage and optimize sales performance

  • Manage promotions and selling tactics


Operational Excellence: Warehousing & Logistics Services

Streamlining back-end processes for a seamless customer journey from order to delivery. We ensure a smooth, reliable experience, crafting a journey as exceptional as your offerings.

  • Work with client to ensure product availability

  • Streamline operations for efficient order processing

  • Facilitate returns processing

  • Manage warehousing, dispatch, and delivery

  • Provide customer service for post transaction support


Financial Performance Audit and Services

Harness insightful analytics to drive financial efficiency and optimize your brand's financial performance, ensuring a solid foundation for growth and profitability.

  • COD Reconciliation

  • Platform Remittance Reconciliation

  • Channel PNL

  • Claims Management

Affordable & Scalable.

Our consulting & service pricing model is simple and transparent:  a low Fixed Fee plus a Sales Percentage Commission or a Higher Fixed Fee


This structure supports your brand's growth at every stage, making our services both affordable and scalable. With Agyle Brands, you invest in a partnership dedicated to shared success as we grow together.

Working with Brand Partners

Clients are assigned team lead by a brand manager as the primary contact person for services engaged. For each service type we have a coordinator and a service expert. The coordinator works closely with the clients as well as the brand manager to ensure smooth coordination and facilitation, while the expert focuses on executing the agreed strategies and tactics.

Brand Manager

Stewards your brand’s strategy, ensuring alignment with growth and market recognition goals.

Operations Supervisor

Manage and oversee seamless storage and dispatch of products, and smooth delivery processes from warehouse to doorstep.

  • Warehousing & Fulfillment

  • Services:Dispatch & Delivery Team

eStore Executive-for Merchandising & Promotions

Orchestrates enticing store aesthetics and compelling promotions.

Conversion Analyst

Translates data into actionable insights for sustained growth.

Performance Marketing Coordinator

Aligning the brand's direction with the execution of our expert marketing teams:

  • Advertising Services

  • Affiliate Management Services

  • Communications & Creatives Services

  • Special Projects Services

Finance Analyst

Translates data into actionable insights for sustained growth.

How It Works

Sales & Marketing

Implement hygiene changes: complete basic product description, improve on

product categorization/store navigation, activate all available tools: reviews, special collections, etc. Optimize for search, upgrade product imagery and store imagery.



Establish guidelines for BAU promotions, Monthly promotions and Mega Day Promotions.



Identify and implement strategies to bring in qualified, with intent shoppers into stores both potential customers and existing customers using advertising, CRM, and other tactics.



Riders go back to the facility to confirm deliveries, to remit any payments collected and to return any undeliverable shipments. Shipment information is updated next day on system.


Products are delivered to us and undergo inbounding and quality

procedures. Our warehouse inventory and quality control teams regularly check for optimal storage conditions.


Accessing your system, our order management team organizes orders by dispatch type, payment method, delivery schedule and route.



The fulfillment team picks and packs orders. Items are packed according to specific guidelines, using bubble wrap and courier pouches or boxes. When timely, shipments are handed off to their assigned couriers or riders.


Shipments are handed over to their assigned couriers. Courier performance

is monitored to ensure delivery reliability and returns are within an acceptable level. Most courier's riders SMS customers when they are on their way and upon arrival. They handover the shipment to the customer and collect payment if applicable.



Couriers provide a regular delivery report to ensure delivery and cash collections are successful. Payment partners also have a similar report. We handle reconciling the platform sales report, payment partner remittance report and courier's delivery success report. In case of variances, we initiate any dispute or claims process.

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