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Turbocharge Your Brand's Growth

Propelling Consumer Product Goods Brand Ventures to New Heights in Just 12 Months

through our Velocity Accelerator.

"Within just twelve weeks, our conversion rate improved by 1.4x and our double double sale day revenue skyrocketed with a growth of 76.8%."

     -  RJ, outdoor sandals brand selling on Lazada and Shopee

The Program

The Velocity Accelerator Program strengthens the foundations of your brand and helps you pursue brand growth over 12 months.  Some brands achieve more in less that 12 months. Our comprehensive curriculum, expert mentorship, and professional and entrepreneur network will propel your brand to unparalleled sales heights.

Together we'll aim for...

Delight Customers

Learn the art of translating brand ideals into unforgettable customer experiences, elevating your brand's impact and resonance.

Scalable Customer Acquisition

Engineer cost-effective, predictable marketing strategies that drive consistent traffic and conversions via diverse marketing tactics, enabling scalable growth.

Product Assortment-Market Fit

Master the craft of developing a product line tailored to maximize your market reach, ensuring alignment with your audience's preferences.

Optimized Stock Levels

Ensure your inventory consistently meets demand, avoiding disruptions that might hinder your sales growth trajectory.​

Min. 50% Sales Growth

Uncover potent sales and conversion tactics, potentially achieving a remarkable 50% boost in sales through improved order values and transaction rates.

Dependable Business Processes

Address operational weaknesses, fortifying your foundation to seamlessly support your business's expansion.

To achieve our goals, we'll equip you with knowledge and skills...

Brand Brilliance

Engineer your brand ideals for memorable customer experiences through creatives, story telling, packaging,  unboxing and more.

Customer Centricity

Dive deep into your Customer to understand your audience better and align your product, promotions, marketing, branding and service strategies accordingly.

Easy eCommerce Operations

Streamline your operations with a well-crafted eCommerce Operations Strategy, including warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics for your current and foreseen volume.

Product Optimization

Develop a product assortment with market fit and enhancing your Assortment Value Proposition for maximum market impact.

Digital Dominance

Craft an effective Digital Customer Acquisition Strategy & Plan and a Digital Conversion Strategy & Plan to boost sales by 30%.

Operational Dependability

Secure your business's future by addressing operational gaps and ensuring dependable business processes that can support growth.

Master Momentum

Double down on Market Entry Strategies & Tactics that work, and experiment on the ones that will take you to the next level. 

Inventory & Procurement Excellence

Ensure optimized stock levels through a thorough Inventory & Product Procurement/Production Plan, and by implementing Quality Control and Assurance.

Growth Planning

Employ a holistic approach by developing a plan for growth that can help unlock financing, investment, distribution partnerships and more.

Join if you...
  • Have your own brand and sell products.

  • Achieve a relatively consistent level of revenues or transactions monthly (at least Php100,000 in average monthly revenue (last 6 months), or 1,000 average monthly orders).

  • No Brand, Product or Sales (yet)? No problem, if you have a compelling brand or product idea, we'll explore possibilities with you. Schedule a discovery call.

Program Investment

There is no upfront cost for you to join the program instead we take a revenue share for the 12 months you're in the program. This revenue sharing model allows us to make sure we are aligned in our goals to grow your business.


To simplify our process and allow us to respond to your queries soonest, please contact us on

Perks of the Program

Participating Brands enjoy over 1,000,000 worth of software credits, service credits and expert consulting time.

Multilingual Functionality

Expert Services
  • Brand Design Audit & Enhancement

  • Conversion Journey Audit & Recommendations

  • Meta Ads Audit & Recommendations

  • and more

  • Cloud design solution

  • Multi-channel management solution

  • and more

  • Marketplace Customer Service

  • Warehousing & Fulfillment

  • Meta Ads Creatives Templates, customized

  • and more

Be a Partner

Support the next generation of retail entrepreneurs by becoming a financial sponsor. Your investment can fuel the growth of promising brands and contribute to a thriving retail ecosystem.

Be a Mentor

Share your valuable expertise and experience as a mentor. As an expert or seasoned professional, guide aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Your mentorship can shape the future of innovative retail ventures.

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