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Are you ready to turn your vision into reality? Start your journey with our free program

"They gave me the knowledge and tools to turn my idea into a successful brand. Their practical approach, and mentorship made all the difference. I couldn't have launched my brand without them."

     -  Mary Anne, 32, first time entrepreneur

The Free Program

BrandCraft is your essential guide to creating, launching, and scaling a successful retail brand within 3 months. This immersive program equips you with the skills, strategies, and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive world of retail.

Together we'll aim for...

A Brand

Craft your brand identity, even at its earliest stages. Develop a minimum viable brand that captures your essence and appeals to your target audience.

A Product

Create a market-ready product, your minimum viable product (MVP). Transform your idea into a tangible offering poised for success.

100 Transactions

Secure a customer base of at least 100. Employ minimum viable go-to-market strategies and effective sales and marketing tactics.

To achieve our goals, we'll learn...

Essential Branding

Craft a Compelling Brand Identity

Dive into the essentials of brand identity creation. Learn to define your brand's unique essence and effectively convey it to your target audience.

Customer Connection

Building a Loyal Customer Base

Secure your first 100 customers using minimum viable go-to-market tactics. Cultivate lasting relationships with your audience.

Hero Product

Transform Ideas into Marketable Products

Discover the art of turning concepts into tangible products. Develop your minimum viable product (MVP) and take your idea to market.

Validation Voyage

Market Research and Product-Market Fit

Explore the path to market validation and achieving product-market fit. Gain the insights necessary to guide your brand toward success.

Market Momentum

Effective Sales and Marketing Tactics

Learn the tactics behind successful sales and marketing. Reach and engage customers, kickstart your brand's journey.

Business Foundations

Legal, Financial, & Networking Essentials

Navigate the legal and financial aspects of entrepreneurship. Connect with like-minded peers and industry experts to enrich your journey.

Join if you...
  • Dream of having your own brand and product.

  • Have a specific product in mind.

  • Do not currently have your own brand or product.

  • Can commit attendance to the program's sessions, see below

  • Will accomplish all the brand development projects.

Program Investment

FREE - Your investment in BrandCraft is time and commitment. You'll receive approximately Php60,000 worth of content and coaching from expert mentors.


To simplify our process and allow us to respond to your queries soonest, please contact us on

BrandCraft Program Cohort

Cohort A
January - March

Application Deadline:
December 31

Cohort B
April - June

Application Deadline:
March 31

Cohort C
June - August

Application Deadline:
May 31

Program Weekly Breakdown

Week 1

Project Work:

  • Introduction Video

    • Introduce brand concept and vision.

    • Showcase personal and brand background.

    • Highlight goals and aspirations for the program.


Virtual Learning Sessions

  • Brand Core

    • Defining your brand's mission and vision.

    • Identifying core values and brand personality.

    • Establishing a unique brand identity.

  • Growth Strategy

    • Planning for scalable business growth.

    • Identifying key growth drivers and opportunities.

    • Developing a sustainable business model.

Week 2

Virtual Learning Session:

  • Brand Expression

    • Crafting a consistent brand message.

    • Visual branding elements (logo, color scheme).

    • Communicating brand story and values.

Project Work:

  • Brand Canvas & Brand Expression Board

    • Mapping out brand elements and relationships.

    • Visualizing brand identity and messaging.

    • Creating a cohesive brand image and narrative.

    • feedback to be given via email a few days after submission

Week 3

Virtual Learning Sessions:

  • Omnichannel Touchpoints

    • Integrating brand presence across multiple channels.

    • Enhancing customer experience at every touchpoint.

    • Leveraging digital and physical channels effectively.

  • C&C Impact

    • Developing impactful communication strategies.

    • Effective communication with target audiences.

    • Building brand awareness and engagement.

Week 4

Virtual Learning Sessions:

  • Validating Your Brand Concept

    • Testing brand ideas with target audiences.

    • Gathering feedback and insights.

    • Refining brand concept based on validation.

  • Product Development

    • Ideation and conceptualization of products.

    • Designing products aligned with brand identity.

    • Planning for product launch and lifecycle.

Week 5

Project Work:

  • Value Proposition Canvas

    • Defining customer segments

    • Analyzing customer needs and preferences.

    • Crafting compelling value propositions

  • Product-Market Fit Experiment Design

    • Designing experiments to test product-market fit.

    • Testing reasons to believe & reasons to buy

    • Pivoting market, product or value proposition

Group Coaching Session #1

  • Personalized feedback on Projects:

    • Value Proposition Canvas

    • Product-Market Experiment Design

  • Guidance on executing experiments

Week 6

Project Work:

  • Learning Card: Product-Market Fit Experiment

    • Document key learnings

    • Reflecting on insights based on learnings

    • Planning next steps based on findings.

Group Coaching Session #2

  • Discuss and interpret experiment results and proposed next steps.

  • Collaborative problem-solving with peers.

  • Expert advice on next steps

Week 7

Virtual Learning Sessions:

  • Growth Strategy: Marketing Channels

    • Identifying and utilizing effective marketing channels.

    • Crafting channel-specific marketing strategies.

    • Measuring and optimizing channel performance.

  • Growth Strategy: Sales Channels

    • Exploring various sales channel options.

    • Aligning sales channels with customer preferences.

    • Strategies for sales channel optimization.

Week 8

Project Work:

  • Go To Market Plan

    • Developing a comprehensive market entry strategy.

    • Setting actionable goals and milestones.

    • Planning for initial customer acquisition and retention.

Group Coaching Session #3

  • Reviewing and refining go-to-market strategies.

  • Addressing logistical and operational challenges.

  • Preparing for market launch and initial sales.

Week 9

Virtual Learning Sessions:

  • Essential Operations & Finance

    • Understanding key operational processes.

    • Managing financial aspects of a startup.

    • Planning for long-term financial sustainability.

  • Your First 100 Transactions

    • Strategies for achieving early sales.

    • Building customer relationships and loyalty.

    • Analyzing and learning from initial sales data.

Week 10+

Project Work:

  • Conduct 20 Customer Interviews and Submit Learning Summary

    • Gathering in-depth customer feedback.

    • Proposal on refining brand messaging based on customer insights.

  • Brand Pitch Video

    • ​Creating a compelling pitch about your brand and it's products.

    • Clearly communicate who your target customer is

    • Feature validated reasons to believe & reasons to buy

One on One Coaching Session

  • Pre-requisite: 100% Completion of all Projects

  • Tailored advice for individual brand challenges.

  • Focused strategy development for brand growth.

  • Personalized mentorship for brand success.

Orange Shoelaces


Do you have a limit on how many brands join the program per run? Yes we do. We only accept 15 brand concepts into a BrandCraft cohort at any given time.

I have business partners, can they join the program too? Yes we accept up to 3 people representatives per brand team.

If I miss a session, am I out of the program? No, we don't kick anyone out. What's most important is that you complete 100% of the projects. If you miss a learning session, you can join the learning session you missed during the next run. If you miss a group coaching session, feedback fro your project can be given via email.

3 months is too long, do you have other options? Yes we do. You can engage us as consultants and we will craft an accelerated program for you. Unlike BrandCraft however this will be subject to you consulting rates.

I do buy and sell, can I join? Yes you can but do note that the program is specifically designed for brand building so some of the topics may not be as relevant to you. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of the coaching sessions, you will also need to shift your perspective from buy and sell to brand based.

I have an ecommerce store with multiple brands, can I join? Yes you can but do note that the program is specifically designed for single brand development where products are all under that brand. Some of the topics may not be as relevant to you. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of the coaching sessions, you will need to shift your perspective from marketplace ecommerce to putting up your own house brand.

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