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About Us

Who We Are

Agyle Brands is a consumer product goods (CPG) brand accelerator in the Philippines. We aim to propel emerging CPG brands to the forefront of the Philippine market, offering them the knowledge, tools, guidance and operational support to thrive locally and pursue a global vision.

Why We Exist

In the Philippines, the allure of product-based businesses, especially in the realm of e-commerce, is undeniable. The digital landscape offers an immediate sales channel, making it simpler for many to launch their brands. However, the real challenge isn't in product creation but in scaling the business effectively. While the country boasts a rapidly expanding digital consumer base, many early-stage e-commerce startups grapple with limited resources, fierce market competition, and a lack of specialized support. This challenge is further intensified by the influx of global brands that bring with them international recognition and vast marketing budgets. These brands, predominantly led by younger entrepreneurs, often possess expertise in just one area - be it product, supply, or demand. To truly thrive amidst local and global competition, a holistic understanding of all three facets is crucial. 

Agyle Brands steps in to bridge this knowledge gap, offering these budding businesses the mentorship and resources they need to differentiate themselves and succeed in a saturated market.

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Who We Focus On

We focus on early-stage retail brands in the Philippines. These brands, often led by young entrepreneurs, have established products and are looking to expand their market presence and brand recognition. They have achieved initial tractions estimated at 500-1000 transactions per month or roughly Php300,000-Php1,000,000 in gross merchandise revenues monthly.

We are part of a Global Retail Revolution

Agyle Brands is not alone in its mission to revolutionize retail. We are at the forefront of a global movement, collaborating with partners worldwide to transform the retail landscape. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and conscious consumption aligns with a network of like-minded organizations and accelerators. Together, we increase access, promote sustainability, and reshape the future of retail.

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Council of Visionaries

Expertise. Passion. Impact.

Our Council of Visionaries is a diverse group of retail innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. They bring a wealth of experience and insights to Agyle Brands, guiding our strategic vision. These visionary leaders help shape our programs, mentor our startups, and contribute to our mission of revolutionizing the retail landscape. Their collective expertise ensures that Agyle Brands remains at the forefront of retail innovation.


Our Founder

Guita Gopalan's career, rooted in media, education, and technology sectors including fintech, edtech, and SaaS, has been instrumental in shaping her expertise in customer experience, innovation, and digital strategy. Her early roles were pivotal in transforming business models through customer-centric strategies, enabling her to effectively guide startups from inception to profitability. As a dedicated startup ecosystem builder, she has provided invaluable training and mentorship in collaboration with various incubators, accelerators, and universities.

In 2017, Guita embarked on her ecommerce journey, initially aiding digital transformation projects for large Philippine corporations and multinational companies. This path led her to a significant role as the Chief Revenue and Customer Experience Officer at Ellana Cosmetics (2017-2023). Subsequently, she spearheaded Vivanti Advantage from 2020, a full-service ecommerce provider and an affiliate of Ellana Cosmetics. These roles were crucial in refining her skills in digital brand strategy and ecommerce operations.


Agyle Brands emerged from Guita's aspiration to leverage the burgeoning ecommerce sector and her vision to distribute wealth to 1 million people. This venture represents a natural evolution in her career, merging her insights from modern entrepreneurial methodologies with robust brand development strategies to expedite brand growth.


Agyle Brands stands as more than a business; it's a vehicle for economic development, enabling broader participation through:

  • Propelling visionary brand owners towards success.

  • Creating direct employment opportunities within Agyle Brands.

  • Facilitating various roles across the supply and distribution chain, empowering agents at multiple levels.

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