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Agyle Opportunity Grant

Empowering Future Retail Innovators

The Agyle Opportunity Grant is our commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation of retail innovators.

What is the Agyle Opportunity Grant?

The Agyle Opportunity Grant is a stepping stone for aspiring entrepreneurs in the retail industry. It's designed to provide access to crucial education, mentorship and linkages to help turn your innovative retail ideas into reality. 

This financial assistance is applicable only to the investment for the BrandCraft and SalesSurge programs.

Who Qualifies for the Grant?

The Agyle Opportunity Grant is tailored for individuals who exemplify the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the retail industry. We're looking for passionate, driven, and forward-thinking individuals who are ready to embark on their retail journey. Here's who the grant is for:

  1. Aspiring & Early Retail Entrepreneurs: Are you dreaming of launching and growing your own retail business? 

  2. Innovators Without a Brand or with a Baby Brand: You don't need an established brand to qualify.

  3. New Business Ventures: This grant welcomes both newcomers and those who have recently ventured into the retail world.

  4. Basic Digital & eCommerce Knowledge: While prior knowledge of eCommerce platforms and online selling is preferred, it's not mandatory. We value your passion and vision more than your expertise.

  5. Commitment: Successful applicants should be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to their venture and to participating in Agyle's brand development programs.

Application Processs

Submit your application for your chosen program. Make sure to choose "yes" on the field regarding the grant application and accomplish the subsequent fields.

Your nominated representative will be contacted for interviews prior to the program results announcements.

Notice of your grant application result and program acceptance shall be sent together no later than 2 weeks prior to the program's start. 

Early application is recommend as the grant is limited.

Donors & Sponsors

The Agyle Opportunity Grant is made possible thanks to the generosity of the following.

Listed alphabetically.

  • Annie S.

  • C. Papa

  • Co Family

  • Emily A

  • Guita Gopalan

  • GX Services

  • J. Belen

  • J. Paculan

  • John S.

  • M.D. Perez

  • Sam R.

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